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Seriously, What's Going on with Dan Plesac's Eyebrow? (Photo)

I was watching the MLB Network on Wednesday night as they were breaking down the possible trade of Ryan Demptser to the Dodgers and Dan Plesac was freaking me out. What the hell happened to his eyebrow? 

Here are some possible explanations for his awkward expression…

  • He shaved his eyebrows in a drunken stupor and the makeup artist painted them back on while being distracted by a raging rhino.
  • The left half of his face is making a point and the right side of his fact doesn’t believe it.
  • He’s discreetly passing gas on the air.
  • He has a dirty secret about Ryan Demptser that he’s dying to tell.
  • He’s practicing for a part in some sort of eyebrow play.
  • That’s just his reaction to Ron Gant’s body odor.
  • The producer is whispering sweet nothings in his ear.
  • Things like this sometimes happen to lefties.
  • What are you talking about, his eyebrows look fine to me…


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