Seriously, What's Going on with Arkansas Football?


Once the Bobby Petrino affair/scandal/-gate/raging house fire reached its conclusion, it appeared there would be little left of Arkansas' 2012 season.  Yet, in the aftermath of all of it, the players, most notably quarterback Tyler Wilson, rallied, making statements about leadership, commitment, and all the other stuff that relates to that.  

Then, even though the school hired John L. Smith to lead the team through the 2012 season, the team seemed to rally around him.  And for a little while there, it looked like Arkansas might get itself righted and have a shot at another 10-win season.  Then Saturday happened.

Three players, Marquel Wade, Maudrecus Humphrey, and Andrew Peterson, were arrested for burglarizing dorm rooms.  Wade was hit with one felony burglary count, while Humphrey and Peterson both were charged with NINE felony counts of burglary, which should make the Fulmer Cup a delight to view at EDSBS later today. 

Police arrested the three based on video surveillance from the dorm, which showed the players walking the halls and entering rooms.  Through special connections, I've run across the footage of the alleged burglaries, and present it to you here.

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