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Security Guard Dispatched to Protect Albert Pujols Statue in St. Louis

A security guard has been stationed outside of the Pujols 5 Grill in St. Louis where Albert Pujols’ statue proudly stands, multiple sources are reporting.

Shockingly, there appears to be a growing fear that fans will act irrationally in response to the news that Pujols opted to accept a $254 million, 10-year deal from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, rather than staying with the team with whom he had been with for his entire career. Given that the Pujols statue was hilariously erected just a month ago, you can see why folks might be inclined to protect it.

Much like this Tim Tebow tattoo, in retrospect, putting up that statue with Pujols entering free agency probably wasn’t the wisest of moves.

Here are some photos of what it looks like:

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