Second Round Preview - Sundays Games

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On Sunday, second round playoff action will flare up again with two interesting and somewhat controversial teams seeing action. First, we’ll have the Seattle Seahawks (yes, the guys who barely managed to sneak into the playoffs) against the Chicago Bears. These guys were written off by the vast majority of football specialists before the first round, yet here they are once again looking for the momentum they’d gathered over their last couple of games to carry over and to translate into yet another playoff win. The odds seem stacked against them once again and so is history. One may rightfully ask the question; when did the Seahawks last won a playoff road game? Back in 1983, when they disposed of the Miami Dolphins 27-20 to celebrate the New Year in style. That may not be a particularly encouraging answer for most Seahawks fans, but having just disposed of the reigning Super Bowl champs must carry some value and it certainly does for Seattle. To add to their optimism: the Seahawks got the better of the Bears on the road this season, granted it was against a team with an ailing Jay Cutler who just wasn’t able to deliver then. Cutler has since recovered though. The remaining question now is: how much better is he when he’s close to 100%? The answer: bettors get your monies in on the Seahawks and the over.

The Jets and Pats are playing on Sunday too, and this one will be like the final episode of a soap opera. The stage for the showdown has been set by Antonio Cromartie’s and Jack Ryan’s comments about Tom Brady. The grand finale though is likely to be delivered by Brady himself. Like it or not, Gang Green is the underdog going into this confrontation, especially when one contemplates the statistics: Brady is 14-4 all time against these guys, and the Pats are 11-2 all time in home playoff games. Though according to some the Jets shouldn’t be written off, that’s exactly what the smart bettor should do, by getting his money in on the Pats and the over.

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