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SEC Championship Game: A Quick History Lesson

In this season of good times and cheer for Ole Miss fans, and it should be a season of such, we should pause to remember the history of the SEC Championship game and those who have made the trip to Atlanta (or way back in the day, Birmingham). 

So, the next time an argument erupts at Ole Miss over something like, oh, I don't know, A POLYESTER/FOAM BLEND BEAR NOT MEETING SOME WEIRD MASCOT EXPECTATIONS OF GROWN-ASS PEOPLE, recall this list and send it to those concerned with things that are a waste of time and resources.

Teams That Have Been To The SEC Championship Game
Alabama (8)
Arkansas (3)
Auburn (2)
Florida (10)
Georgia (5)
LSU (5)
Mississippi State (1)
South Carolina (1)
Tennessee (5)

Teams That Have Not Been To The SEC Championship Game
Kentucky (21)
Missouri (1)
Ole Miss (21)
Texas A&M (1)
Vanderbilt (21)

For me, the best part about adding Missouri and Texas A&M to the conference is that, for at least this year, Ole Miss is no longer in a group with just Kentucky and Vanderbilt.  But in the spirit of joining everyone else and making some sort of prediction, I'll take Alabama to win, Georgia and the points, Todd Grantham to out-rage Nick Saban, and Mark Richt to slightly adjust the microphone portion of his headset when he goes into a stoic fit of rage.

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