Seattle Seahawks Send Fan Autographed Helmet For Christmas (Video)


Alex Hughes lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan.

He was appropriately stunned when an autographed helmet recently arrived from the NFL team (video below).

Hughes was in Kansas City for a game between the Chiefs and the Seahawks a few weeks ago when he was approached in a bar by a woman who asked to try on his Seahawks jacket.

"Then she said, 'I just want to take a picture in it and send it to my friend,'" Hughes told KOMO News.

The woman identified her friend as Seahawks running back Robert Turbin.

She told Hughes that he could meet Turbin on the team bus if he called her after the game. However, Hughes' cell phone failed in the cold weather and he wasn't able to call.

She contacted Hughes later on Instagram and asked for his address.

Hughes got the package on Dec. 21 and his wife filmed him as he opened it, notes

"I was just happy to get anything ... and then to get this with 30 signatures on it ... I just imagine Robert taking the time for some stranger to walk around his locker room and bug his friends to sign some thing for some guy in Oklahoma, that's incredible that you could have a job that can make somebody that happy," added Hughes.

Hughes wrote on his YouTube page:

So this video is a little embarrassing, but I don't care, I am beyond words thankful for what Dev and Robert have done for me. They didn't have to do this, but they did and it's made my year! Turbo, you are now my all time favorite athlete, FEEL YOUUUUU! GO HAWKS!!!

Sources: KOMO News,, YouTube


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