Richard Sherman's Dad Continues To Work Despite NFL Star's Success

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman recently signed a contract with the team for $56 million, but despite his success at just 26 years old, his father refuses to live off of his son’s fortune.

Kevin Sherman has reportedly worked as a garbage truck driver for 26 years, and even though his son is playing his second consecutive Super Bowl and recently signed a contract for $56 million, the proud father says he will continue to work until he’s able to retire. The elder Sherman's job forces him to wake up at 3:45 a.m. every day and work holidays to make overtime. 

“People say, 'Let your son take care of you,'” Sherman, 50, told The Los Angeles Times. “Yeah, but I've got a few years left until I retire. Why would I mess up my own retirement? Why should my son have to foot everything? I have a medical plan that will cover me. Why should my son have to pay my medical bills? It doesn't make sense to me.”

With only 18 months until he starts receiving his pension, Sherman told Sports Illustrated that he plans to continue his work until his time working as a trash truck driver is up.

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“It’s something to keep busy, and it’s easy now,” Sherman said. “If I take a day off, I don’t need to worry about where my money is coming from. I want to get that pension and the medical benefits just so it’s one more thing my son doesn’t have to worry about. I’m always going to be making money. I want to fix it so that even when I’m not working, I’m getting paid.”

Richard, who maintained an above average GPA in school and received a Stanford education, says his parents’ work ethic inspired him as he moved through life. While his father works as a trash truck driver, his mother works with disabled inner-city children.

“I think it was incredibly significant,” Sherman said to The Los Angeles Times. “It forced my brother and me to understand priorities and family. You've got to do everything in your power to make sure your family is taken care of. She's [Richard’s mother] always been the one holding down the household. . . . I've gone up there many times to see her and spend time with the kids. It's remarkable, man. That's probably as humbling as it gets.”

Reports say that Kevin will be attending Sunday’s Super Bowl game but will have to fly back to Los Angeles on Monday morning so that he can be at work on Tuesday.

Sources:Business Insider, The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated / Photo Source: Business Insider


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