Seattle Seahawks Have Nothing to Apologize For

The Seahawks Hail Mary win has three sets of reactions running through me today. Because I am an NFL purist, a Fantasy Football professional analyst, and yes, I am a Seattle Seahawks fan, too.

As a pro football savant, I want to see the game played and called as crisply and correctly as possible. I always realize there will be human errors with the officiating. There was a part of me that fully expected the final call to go Green Bay’s way when the initial fracas was eventually cleared up.

As a Fantasy Football expert, I realize there isn’t much you can do once you set your lineups. Heck, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t control actual results, and over the years, once you understand that, you see the Fantasy game from a more distinct and poised point of view. Outside of the Green Bay defense, though, many did not start the main participants involved in the final play, so the impact is not felt in the Fantasy mainstream.

Yet it’s the Seahawks fan in me that wins out, and has no sympathy or apologies for the ending . I’ll take the win, thank you, and you can all buzz about it as much as you want. After seeing the Seahawks robbed by officiating twice in major ways in major moments in franchise history, this turn of events almost feels like due turnabout. Anyone outside of Pittsburgh can tell you that the Seahawks were jobbed by the referees more than once in Super Bowl XL. Here’s a detailed rundown of that farce here.

In 1998, the Seahawks were robbed of a playoff berth when Vinny Testaverde scored a phantom touchdown. So the Seahawks have been screwed over more than once when it counts, and the lights are shining bright. So for those of you who have hated Bill Leavy, who ran the bungling crew in Super Bowl XL, for seven-plus years, you can let him go now. Heck, Boston even forgave Buckner.

Roethlisberger was not in the end zone, and neither was Testaverde. But in the eyes of the exacting NFL Gods, Golden Tate made the catch. And the Seahawks and their fans now know what it feels like to be on the other side of the zebras’ preferred view, whether they be replacements or not.

I wish that type of win would have came against the Steelers, and I respect the Packers and salute them always. Let’s also remember that the refs blew some key calls that helped the Packers get into position to win the game, too. And on the NFL Network, where you get the best in-depth TV coverage of the event, their analysts are actually questioning if M.D. Jennings actually had full control of the ball before he came down. That’s great stuff to watch, instead of heading over to the Worldwide Leader in hype, where Skip Clueless will spew hollow nothings just to stir controversy, and they are asking Snoop Dogg for his in-depth take on the game. Yeah, Snoop, tell us the rules by the letter.

I’m not saying the right call was made. But when the Seahawks were ripped off in the past, there was not much sympathy for them. They and their fans don’t have to exhibit any today.


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