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Seattle Seahawks Fans Riot After Super Bowl Victory (Video)

Some Seattle Seahawks fans got out of hand last night during their post-Super Bowl celebration over the Denver Broncos.

A local Starbucks had a window knocked out and there was also a small fire reported in the area. There was glass broken at Occidental Square and graffiti written on some of the pillars, notes Q13 Fox.

Near Pioneer Square, the city’s famous pergola, built in 1909, was damaged after crowds of fans climbed on top of the building and smashed its roof, reported KIRO (video below).

Students near the University of Washington repeatedly dragged furniture out into the streets to set bonfires (video below).

“We burned couches. Then they came and they left. We burned more couches. They came and then left,” one college student told KIRO.

When asked why they were burning couches, many students responded by saying “YOLO," which stands for "you only live once."

Police are bracing for the Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday.

Sources: KIRO and Q13 Fox


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