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Seattle Seahawks: Best Team in the NFL Right Now?

Talk about good news in bunches for the Seattle Seahawks. If they can -- with a little help from Arizona -- find a way to win the division I might even say this is all too good to be true. They won their fourth straight game in the spotlight on Sunday in dominating fashion, secured a playoff berth and, according to Richard Sherman, will have both of their starting cornerbacks for the playoffs barring some sort of injury.

Now the question has to be asked: are they the best team in the NFC right now? They are certainly the hottest team, no debating that.

The simple answer as far as the first question goes, though, as far I’m concerned, is yes. They are too talented, too healthy, too well coached, and have too much organizational depth for almost any team in the NFC to match up with. The only real question that this group faced going into the season was Russell Wilson, and if that’s their biggest concern, these Seahawks just might be playing into February.

What I like most about these Seahawks is the way they impose their game plan on opponents. They haven’t seemed disinterested, confused, rattled, or even disorganized in what feels like forever. The play calling is phenomenal, and the only thing that’s better is the execution. The way they set up the play action with their tiring and seemingly unstoppable running game, and then change it up just as quickly with the read-option play leaves even the best of defenses at a loss. Hell, just ask the 49ers.

Another reason to like this team is their depth. Otherwise known as the reason that the 49ers were Super Bowl favorites coming into the season. No matter what the position, this team is prepared to deal with an injury (or suspension, a la Brandon Browner) better than just about any in the league. This goes a long way in surviving a 16 game season, and the grueling slug fest that is the playoffs. At just about every position other than receiver, this team has depth players that could be starters on other, less fortunate, teams. This became perfectly clear when Brandon Browner was handed a four game suspension, and regardless of who replaced him, his absence was hardly felt. I’m sure they are just as prepared to deal with Jason Jones’ injury as well. It’s just not fair how deep this club is.

The way this team is playing, I think it’s safe to say they are the team to avoid in the postseason. There isn’t one phase of the game that these Seahawks aren’t incredibly deep and talented at, and it shows on an almost weekly basis.

NFL, you’ve been warned.


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