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Seattle Seahawks are Doing Something Interesting with Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman

Nifty little trick these Seahawks cornerbacks are trying to pull. Less than a week after appealing his four-game suspension, Brandon Browner has withdrawn that appeal – for all too obvious reasons.

I mean, aside from the fact that nobody ever wins their appeals for suspensions pertaining to PEDs.

Rather than hypothetically losing their two starting cornerbacks at the same time, the Seahawks could be trying to make sure they don’t have to lose both at the exact same time. Browner beginning his suspension this week against the Cardinals also guarantees that if the Seahawks are able to hold onto their wildcard spot, he will be able to go for their first playoff game. It’s borderline cheating, or excellent personnel management by the Seahawks. All depends on how you look at it I guess.

Sherman’s appeal, as futile as it may seem, is also serving a purpose. His appeal has been set for December 14th, but who knows when the final verdict will be laid down? He might be able to play for another two weeks, meaning the Seahawks would only have to play two games without their twin towers in the backfield. Even better yet, what if by some miracle he wins his appeal? He certainly sounds confident enough about it. Almost as soon as the news got out that he and the aforementioned Brandon Browner were being suspended, he tweeted (albeit with an odd and out of place is in there) “This is issue will be resolved soon and the truth will come out. Not worried”. One can only hope this “is” issue is resolved, and with favorable results.

No matter how you look at this, this situation is far from ideal. They have lost their pro bowl cornerback Brandon Browner to an oh so avoidable suspension for the final four games of their season, and could lose Richard Sherman shortly thereafter. On the bright side, the only team left on their schedule that should really present any sort of challenge will be the 49ers in week 16. The only certainty surrounding this whole ordeal is that regardless of which cornerbacks are put on the field this Sunday against the Cardinals, they should have no problem defending the pass.


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