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Seattle High School Basketball Coach Lets Players Coach Themselves, Hilarity Ensues

Franklin High basketball coach Jason Kerr had nothing but good intentions in mind when he told his players that they could take over all coaching duties during the opening day of the annual Tournament of Champions Holiday Classic. Sure, the tournament is hosted on the Seattle school’s own home court and yes expectations would no doubt be high, but that would all be part of the experience.

Unfortunately, the intended lesson of having players deal with, as Yahoo! Sports puts it, “everything from logistical questions about uniforms to drawing up inbounds plays during game timeouts” ended up getting slightly derailed. While the whole process was supposed to bring the team closer because it forced them to work together all the while realizing everything Kerr did for them on a daily basis, all it ended up doing in reality was showing the kids how inept they were at doing anything.

How bad did it get? Pretty bad. The team suffered its first loss of the year versus crosstown rival Lincoln High. As a result, the kids now don't get to play in the championship game of a tournament they're hosting. Plus, Kerr is now in the tough position of explaining why he decided that this was the opportune time to impart unnecessary lessons on his squad.  

"Part of any team deal is getting everybody on the same page and understanding they have coaches to do that for them," Kerr told the Seattle Times after the game. "But, when they struggle to see that vision, sometimes you have to put that right in their own hands.

"Leadership comes out of it. That's when you're going to find out who is going to do the talking, who they're going to listen to. They'll talk about the reasons they didn't win a game they think they should have won. Hopefully, what you get is a little more buy in."

So there you go.

On the bright side, if Kerr gets canned for his mistimed blunder, his boys will really appreciate him now.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports via Seattle Times for the find)

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