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Seattle Seahawks Get Leon Washington and Lendale White

The Seattle Seahawks have been busy beavers today at the NFL draft. And we could argue that they got immediately better in their backfield and did so with picks that they never made. They traded a fifth-round pick to the New York Jets to get Leon Washington (and a seventh rounder) and slid down a few picks in the fourth and sixth rounds to acquire Lendale White from the Tennessee Titans.

That’s pretty impressive. Yes, Washington is coming off of a pretty nasty leg injury, but when he’s healthy he’s a little keg of dynamite. White is more like a keg of tapped beer at a frat party, but he’s still big and can move the pile. Or he can do keg stands until the ball crosses the goal line. Regardless, the Titans were obviously very high on him since it took a king’s ransom to pry him from their cold dead hands.

Seattle already has Julius Jones in the backfield and you know what they say: when you have Julius Jones in your backfield, it’s like having no backfield at all. We could argue that the Seahawks are now pretty strong back there, but we won’t.


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