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Scott Coker Always Believed in Women's MMA

From a young age, Strikeforce President Scott Coker always thought women should be in MMA. Coker grew up in a martial arts school and would see females around, so he figured their day would come. Not everyone was a believer, including Dana White who said females would never compete in the UFC just a year ago. Then everything changed when Ronda Rousey (6-0) entered the scene.

"Now everyone believes they can fight," said Coker to TATAME. "Today we have Ronda Rousey who is a super star, perhaps the biggest celebrity in women's MMA."

Rousey signed a UFC contract last week, making her the first female to do so and became the inaugural champion.

At the last Strikeforce last show, it was headlined with Rousey retaining her championship. The event aired on Showtime and was the last Strikeforce card to date.

"I think women have managed to establish themselves in MMA and I can see these girls fighting in different organizations nowadays," said Coker. "So I think that women will continue to have more opportunities than ever."

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