Scott Coker on Alistair Overeem: I Still Consider Him the Champion

Strikeforce's upcoming November 3rd card features Luke Rockhold defending the middleweight title for the third time and it'll also feature Strikeforce's last heavyweight fight. Scott Coker was a guest of MMA Fight Corner on Wednesday night and discussed why he chose Lorenz Larkin over Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza to challenge Rockhold for the belt and also talked about whether or not Cormier will get his wish to have his last fight in the organization be for a title.

When Daniel Cormier was a guest of MMA Fight Corner in August, he expressed his desire for the last fight in the division to be for the belt. Coker broke down the probability of whether or not that happens.

"To go through the gaunlet of fighters [Cormier] did in that tournament that he did, he earned his shot and eventually won the World Grand Prix Heavyweight belt," Coker said. "It's going to be an amazing fight on November 3rd and I'm really happy to see that this fight is going down. If it's a title shot or not, I'm not sure."

Coker explained that since Alistair Overeem vacated the title upon his departure from the organization and the heavyweight division was dissolved, he hasn't seen any reason to fill the vacant slot. "In my mind, I still consider Alistair the champion - no one beat him in the heavyweight division. So, even though we don't have the heavyweight division after this fight, he can say as the heavyweight division moves over, he was the champion until the heavyweight division's completely gone."

With Cormier definitely heading to the UFC following his last fight in Strikeforce, Coker said he's certain Cormier was given such a high level opponent in Mir so the UFC could evaluate what he's capable of.

"I think it's really to test him to see him where Daniel's at. I think Daniel's proved himself, I think it's going to be a great fight. Frank Mir is battle tested at every level and has fought the world's best guys and believe me this guy is still dangerous. He's got super power as far as knockout ability and his submission game is going to be better than DC's. So DC's gonna have his hands full, I think Frank's going to have his hands full because DC brings a whole other arsenal to the table when he fights. It's going to be an interesting fight that I'm going to just kick back, watch and enjoy."

On November 3rd, Strikeforce is slated to take place in Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Bay Arena. Luke Rockhold will defend his title for the third time since defeating "Jacare" Souza to earn the strap. This time he will face Lorenz Larkin, a decision MMA fans were surprised about, following Jacare's stunning first round knockout over Derek Brunson, notching his first KO victory in Strikeforce and making his case to rematch Rockhold for the belt.

"When we looked at Lorenz Larkin's past fights and basically his ability to fight a lot of tough fights, win all his fights, except for his fight vs King Mo, which King Mo tested positive for steroids, it went to no decision," Coker explained. "With his victory over Robbie Lawler, that was pretty impressive, so we decided to do this fight now because it's going to be a good test for Luke."

Coker likened Lorenz's striking ability tofighters he saw in his old school K-1 days and warned that Rockhold shouldn't try to stand and trade with him. "If Luke tries to keep it standing up, he's going to have a long night. So, I think the gameplan is very clear. He's going to go and try to take it to the ground, and Lorenz is going to try to stop the takedown and keep it standing and whoever's going to be successful in the gameplan is going to win the fight."

Strikeforce: Cormier vs Mir is set for November 3rd at the Chesapeake Bay Arena in Oklahoma City.

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