School Forces Cooper Barton, 5, to Turn His Michigan Shirt Inside Out

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If you’re of the mind that five-year-old Michigan fans have had it far too easy for far too long, you’re not alone.

Not only does one particular school in Oklahoma City totally agree with that idea, they’re actually going so far as to fight back.

Last week, the principal of Wilson Elementary forced Cooper Barton, 5, to turn his University of Michigan shirt inside out because it violated his school's moronic dress code. Per Oklahoma City Public School rules, the only college apparel that’s allowed is that which bears the names of Oklahoma-related universities on the front.

So, Oklahoma State – yes. Ohio State – no.

Naturally, Barton’s mother wasn’t particularly happy with what happened. Via News9:

“They should really worry about academics. It wasn't offensive. He's five," says Cooper's mother Shannon Barton.

Barton says her son had to turn his shirt inside out on the playground behind a tree.

The OKCPS Dress Code policy also says no professional team apparel. That means students are prohibited from wearing Oklahoma City Thunder gear to class.

The district says the dress code was created in 2005 with the help of an Anti-Gang Task Force.”

On Monday, after this story became a mainstream hit, the school’s superintendent Karl Springer released this statement:

"This has presented an opportunity to review the current OKCPS District Dress Code Policy that has been in place since 2005. It states that clothing bearing names or emblems of all professional and collegiate athletic teams (with the exception of Oklahoma colleges and universities) are prohibited. In cooperation with the Oklahoma City Police Department Gang Task Force, the policy was approved in 2005 after concerns that nationwide gangs used popular sports clothing to represent individual gangs. As when any policy is questioned; OKCPS administration will review the policy to determine if changes need to be made."

It’s probably a safe bet that this dumb policy will be gone by the start of the next school year. 

(Kudos News9, Yahoo! Sports)

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