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Scary Video: Ice Hockey Rink Roof Collapses, Narrowly Misses Kids

Former NHL player Richard Zednik and some youth hockey players narrowly avoided disaster this past weekend when an ice hockey rink roof collapsed behind them.

As noted by the good folks at Larry Brown Sports, Zednik and some youngsters were practicing in a newly built ice hockey rink at the Hotel Altis in Trstena, Slovakia when the pressure being exerted on the building's roof reached dangerous levels. As little fragments began to fall, folks scrambled off the ice in a hurry. Fortunately for the kids present, Zednik and the rest of the adults on scene realized what was going on and managed to get everyone off the ice before anyone got hurt. The entire thing took just a tad over 30 seconds.

Check it out:

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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