Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Won’t Get a Shot at Floyd Mayweather if Austin Trout Beats Him


The ongoing war of words between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has been very interesting. Initially it seemed as though the two were just stirring up some fake drama in order to create intrigue for their inevitable showdown, however, now it’s beginning to feel like their beef is actually real.

A couple of weeks ago, Alvarez came out and suggested that he passed on a possible showdown against Mayweather in early 2013 because he didn’t feel like waiting for the undefeated star to make up his mind.

“There were negotiations in December where they said I would fight on May 4th in order to face him on September 14th, Mexican Independence Day [weekend]. Unfortunately, he was saying this; he was saying that but nothing was concrete. So today, I came to see [Golden Boy CEO] Richard [Schaefer] and Oscar [De la Hoya] at the office and we finalized my fight against Austin Trout because he never kept his word,” he said of the incident.

Alvarez also noted (correctly) that it felt as if Mayweather was using him as a bargaining chip in his negotiations with Robert Guerrero.

Shortly after those comments were made, Mayweather did his own interview in which he blasted Alvarez for his impatience.

"A fighter that I made famous, Canelo, how can he give me an ultimatum?" Mayweather told Fight Hype.

"I'm not king to say that he can't fight or he's not a good fighter, but how can I let a 22-year-old kid, who just got into the sport of boxing, give me an ultimatum."

A couple of days ago, Alvarez responded to Mayweather’s response.

"I don't like to talk and [people] can say whatever they want, it doesn't matter. I respect the opinions of others and I can only say that I'll fight with anyone," he told Boxing Scene. "Floyd is talking because he knows very well how things went down during our negotiations and he knows what he didn't do. I think that in fact if he didn't care, then he wouldn't be saying anything at all.

"We all know that he decides who he fights; but I am not going to be waiting around until he decides [to fight me]. That is why I decided to take my own path . And if I don't fight with him, I will still have a pay per view event; that is why there is no problem. We have not thrown out the possibility of fighting Floyd. We'll fight with anyone."

The really interesting thing here is that, clearly, Alvarez assumes that his shot at Mayweather isn’t going anywhere. He feels like he can fight one or two other guys, beat them, and then still take on the pound-for-pound king because his massive new Showtime deal calls for two bouts per year. The thing that Alvarez doesn’t appear to be taking into account, however, is the very real possibility that he could lose to Austin Trout.

Yes, Trout enters this showdown as an underdog – but the same held true for his match against Miguel Cotto. Because the 27-year-old has flown under the radar for most of his career, it seems like nobody really knows what to make of him. He has a very dangerous style, and his footwork could give Alvarez serous fits. So long as Trout doesn’t randomly decide to coast for a couple of the middle rounds like he did this past December, he has as good a chance as anybody of taking Alvarez down.

And if Alvarez falls to Trout, he can kiss a shot at Mayweather goodbye. At 22 years old he will obviously have plenty of time to return to his current position, but there is a good chance that by the time he gets back to the top of the mountain, Mayweather won’t be there anymore.


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