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Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Pretends He’s Rooting for Robert Guerrero to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have been throwing little shots at one another for a few weeks now, but it’s still difficult to say how legitimate their beef is. On one hand, Alvarez doesn’t appear to be the sort of character who would initiate a fake conflict just for the sake of hyping up a fight that hasn’t even been confirmed yet. On the other hand, him wasting this much time on a guy who isn’t in his immediate plans doesn’t make much sense if it isn’t for the sake of getting attention.

You will recall, prior to Mayweather deciding to fight Robert Guerrero this May, he spent a pretty decent amount of time flirting with both Alvarez and Devon Alexander. He essentially used both men as leverage in negotiations with Guerrero, however, as they were happening, the discussions felt real. According to Alvarez, once he realized that Mayweather was just using him, he pulled out of talks for a proposed fight. Mayweather, in turn, got offended that someone would pull out of negotiations with him – regardless of whether that person’s reason was justified or not.

And thus, a beef was born.

Recently, Alvarez sat down with Elie Seckbach of ESNews Reporting. They discussed items from across the boxing spectrum, however, the most interesting tidbits came when talk turned to Mayweather. When asked how he figured this May’s showdown between Mayweather and Guerrero would go, Alvarez said this: "Anything can happen in boxing, but I hope Guerrero wins."

That’s a lie, of course, but it’s interesting anyway. The reality is that Alvarez is rooting for Mayweather because he wants to be the one to break his undefeated streak – not be the guy who fights Mayweather after his undefeated has been broken.

In the same interview, Alvarez opened up about his looming showdown against Austin Trout.

“I’m preparing to win in a very convincing manner,” he said.

Four out of Alvarez’s last five bouts have ended in a TKO.

(Doghouse, Eastside Boxing)


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