Santonio Holmes Doesn't Want Jets Running Backs Stealing His Touchdowns

New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes has certainly been effective drawing plenty of penalty flags early this season, a total of eight in three games to be exact. The former team captain showed just why he’s the “former” team captain yesterday when talking about the positive yardage gained by the pass interference calls.

You don’t want that running back to be on the one-yard line and steal your touchdown,” said Holmes. “It’s really messing with my catches, I can honestly say that. It’s keeping them down by having the penalties drawn.

If we can keep stats on penalties per game, per player, I think those yards would add up. We can add them to our receiving yards … They hurt the receivers’ average and how they play and their performance. When you’re drawing so many penalties, you don’t get opportunities to get any catches.”

Always the team player, Holmes inserts foot in mouth once again…

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