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Washington Redskins' Santana Moss Allegedly Used HGH

Two sources tell Rick Maese of the Washington Post that Redskins WR Santana Moss was one of the athletes that received HGH from Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea. This past Tuesday, Galea was charged with smuggling and distributing HGH. He was said to be on his way to the Redskins facility with a delivery when he was caught.

Barry Svrluga from the Post caught up with Moss on Wednesday. Moss was clearly not comfortable with the conversation and tried to steer it away from him having anything to do with using banned substances.

Here is the Q&A with Svrluga as it appears in the Post.

Svrluga: “How are you feeling?”

Moss: “Rehabbing. I ain’t bothering nobody. I’m rehabbing. Getting better.”

Q: “Are you at all surprised to hear that HGH report about someone on this team?”

A: “I’ll talk about football. I don’t know about nothing else. I ain’t got nothing to do with nothing that ain’t about me.”

Q: “Okay, well, just to be clear, have you ever met this guy [Dr. Anthony] Galea?”

A: “Like I said, I ain’t got nothing to do with that. I ain’t got nothing to do with it. You want to talk about Redskins, I’ll give you an interview. We ain’t talking about Redskins right now.”

Q: “But the guy was on this team. That makes him a Redskin.”

A: “What that got to do with me?”

Q: “Well, does it have anything to do with you?”

A: “I’m just saying to you bro, you come to me right now, and I appreciate you coming to me the right way. I’m telling you right now, I’m talking about football. You talk about football, anything else out of that, no. You say, ‘Santana, I got something to talk to you about,’ then if it’s about me, then I’ll talk to you about it.”

Q: “But here’s what I’m saying to you, Santana. You can put it to bed right now if it’s not you.”

A: “What you want to do?”

Q: “I just want to ask …”

A: “I’m telling you, if you want to talk about football, we can talk about football. I’m not going to answer none of your questions about somebody else unless it’s pertaining to me. You know what I’m saying? Other than that, it’s football.”

Q: “But what I’m saying, I want to make sure it doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

A: “Until they say it has something to do with me, then we can talk about it. See what I’m saying?”

Yes, we see what you are saying, Santana. You cheated.


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