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San Francisco 49ers Should Cut Carlos Rogers, Alex Smith and Parys Haralson

In continuing with my series of NFC West teams and their likely cap casualties, today I will list some possible cuts from the defending NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. If the 49ers are as interested in Darrelle Revis as they’ve been rumoured to be, some cap space will have to be made for his massive 16 million dollar cap hit. If not for Darrelle Revis, maybe for complimentary pieces. The 49ers currently have 8.7 million in cap space heading into free agency. Here’s a look at some possible candidates to be cut to create more space.

Carlos Rogers: He is still a solid number one corner, but he’s far from the Pro Bowl corner the 49ers got from Rogers in his first year with the club. He is set to make 5.5 million in base salary and carry a cap hit of 7.34 million next season. Not an exorbitant number for a shutdown corner, but there is no shortage of options in free agency who might produce more for less coin.

Alex Smith: Poor Alex Smith. Is on pace for the best year of his career, his team is winning, and then he suffers a concussion which results in him losing his job. It seemed more likely that he would be cut before Michael Vick restructured his deal to stay in Philly, but with Vick coming off the free agent market it’s entirely possible the 49ers will try to trade him. Whatever the case, he won’t be a 49er come next season.

Parys Haralson: Haralson missed the entire 2012 season with a torn triceps, and it is unlikely he’ll be playing with the Niners in 2013 either. Haralson carries a 2.87 cap hit, which isn’t all that crazy. The only problem is the 49ers already have two great young linebackers in Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith.

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