San Francisco 49ers Selling Personal Seat Licenses


The San Francisco 49ers new stadium isn’t going to be cheap to build — or to attend. The team has begun selling personal seat licenses for the $1.2 billion stadium with 1,000 of the PSLs costing $80,000.

Keep in mind that’s just the cost of holding the rights to the seat, not the cost of the tickets. The tickets will cost $375 per game. And there’s no guarantee the ticket prices won’t escalate even further. Hell, there’s nothing preventing the 49ers from charging $5,000 per ticket per game. Don’t like the price? Sell your PSL (if you can).

Obviously, the 49ers are pricing out some long-time season ticket holders. “The sentimental side of me says, yes, absolutely (buy seats in the new stadium), even if I had to mortgage my entire estate,” one fan told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But the realistic side of me says, why would I do that? So I can tell someone I’m now 65 years as a season-ticket holder? I love and cherish that, but nobody in my family, and none of my friends, think it’s a good investment. Not even the ones that I take to games.”

There is a lot of money in the South Bay, where the new stadium is being built. Still, given that NFL stadiums these days only last about 20 years or less or so and the PSLs don’t transfer to the next stadium, it does seem like a pretty bad investment.

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