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San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Deserves the Game Ball this Week

This week’s NFC West game ball recipient not only beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on the road, but also made me look like a fool for suggesting the 49ers should have kept him the backup. The Week 15 NFC West game ball goes to Colin Kaepernick.

They weren’t on the field at the same time, but in only his fifth game as the starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick led his team to victory over Tom Brady’s.

Forget the four fumbles (all of which came on botched snaps, in atrocious weather conditions) and the interception thrown in the 3rd quarter that started to give New England life in a game where they looked down and out. He persevered the New England rally, and worked his way out of a difficult spat of three and outs. Not getting caught up in the high of a 31-3 lead, and not losing confidence as he watched it evaporate showed a level of maturity and poise you just can’t teach.

More importantly than weathering the New England offensive storm that was the second half, Kaepernick took advantage of the opportunity that was given to him to regain the lead. The kickoff following New England’s game tying touchdown -- LaMichael James took it 62 yards to the New England 38 yard line. A golden opportunity presented itself, and Kaepernick took advantage. On the very next play, I might add. The lanky rookie quarterback would hit Crabtree for a 38 yard catch and run touchdown that put San Francisco back in the front. The lead would for the most part stand, and San Francisco would win the game 41-34.

The rookie quarterback would finish the day with 216 yards on the day, completing 14 of 25 passes, and more importantly putting up 41 points. You could attribute some of that to how bad the Patriots defense is, but it just seems cheap and base to try and take away from what Kaepernick was able to accomplish. Putting up 41 points should never be scoffed at, regardless of who you’re playing.


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