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San Francisco 49ers Need Vernon Davis to Step Up

Has anyone seen Vernon Davis lately? I mean, other than in highlight reels getting destroyed by Kam Chancellor.

He would suffer a concussion on that hit, and be forced to leave the game, but that has little to do with his slump. He’s the only prominent receiving option on the 49ers to see his targets, yards, and receptions all go down since Colin Kaepernick became the starter. I’m left wondering what’s happened to the big guy?

He was the 49ers' best pass catcher for the longest time, and had developed really good chemistry with Alex Smith. He went to the Pro Bowl and had two 900+ yard seasons. Hell, he even became a leader on offense following his public benching and humiliation at the hands of Mike Singletary - maybe the one good thing he did for this franchise. He was even having a good season up until about week 11. It’s been all downhill since then though.

Delanie Walker has emerged as Kaepernick’s favorite tight end in the passing game, and Vernon Davis’s production has vanished into thin air. He is averaging 6.1 yards a game, and doesn’t have a single touchdown in that streak. Other than the concussion suffered in week 16, there’s no injury (that I know of) slowing him down. The quarterback play’s only improved since then. So what’s the deal?

There’s no telling with this slump. Early in the season Davis was a huge part of the passing game, and was making big plays with regularity. He looked like his old dominant self out there. I mean, does anybody remember this play?

The biggest concern regarding Vernon Davis’ production is that if you take a closer look, it’s been in steady decline since 2009. Could this be a sign that he’s just not as good as he used to be, or that defenses are just paying way more attention to him? Who knows, but if the 49ers are going to make a Super Bowl run, he’s going to have to find a way to get it going.


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