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San Diego Chargers vs. Carolina Panthers to be Blacked Out

Rather than just buying up the remaining 11,000 tickets to Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the San Diego Chargers owner would rather black out loyal Charger fans.

It is the fourth time in seven games that Southern California will be unable to watch the Chargers. The Chargers tried to use Groupon to move the final 13,000 tickets but wound up selling only a couple thousand more. Of course, the Groupon deal wasn’t really all that fantastic: a regular ticket cost $76 v. $68 for the same seat plus $20 in concessions.

Rather than using gimmicks, the Chargers could have just simply lowered ticket prices. But no, NFL owners continue to unethically and counterproductively black out loyal fans, some of whom are physically unable to go.

The Charger blackout marks the 13th in the NFL this season.

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