San Diego Chargers Announcer Suspended for Anti-Semitic Joke (Audio)

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San Diego Chargers radio announcer Hank Bauer has been suspended from the Chargers’ final preseason game on Thursday for telling an anti-Semitic joke at the end the Chargers-49ers game on Sunday.

Bauer made the joke about fellow announcer Josh Lewin, who is Jewish. Lewin earlier remarked about the crowd leaving early and added how he would have watched the entire game if he had to pay for admission, noted

In response, Bauer joked recalled an anti-Semitic joke about how copper was invented (audio below).

“But then again you know how copper wire was invented? Somebody dropped a penny between Josh and his family member,” stated Bauer. “I say that respectfully and endearingly, my partner.”

Following outrage on social media, the San Diego Chargers issued a statement on the incident:

Although we know Hank had no ill-will behind his remarks, we agree the comments were inappropriate. Per Clear Channel’s decision, Hank will not be broadcasting Thursday night’s game. Hank has been a strong radio voice for the Chargers for the past 16 years and a passionate supporter of the team since his playing days. We look forward to Chargers fans receiving the same high-quality broadcast from Josh (Lewin) and Hank when he returns to the booth for the regular season.

U-T San Diego noted that Bauer issued an apology on Twitter:

I made a hurtful insinuation that I regret and I would like to express how sorry I am. My poor choice of words were unfortunately open for

negative interpretation, please know it was never my intention to offend any of my listeners. I hope you accept my apology.

Sources:, U-T San Diego (Image Credit: Cvas7)


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