San Antonio Spurs Fan Falls From Moving Truck During Celebration (Video)

A San Antonio Spurs fan recently fell out of a moving pickup truck that was filled with fellow Spurs supporters.

A heavy male fan wearing a white shirt falls from the truck and hits the pavement face-first, notes Guyism.com (video below).

However, he quickly gets up and tries to waddle after his friends.

The video was shot by Robert Saldana, who drove into San Antonio to watch the last game of the NBA finals at a restaurant with some friends.

After the Spurs won, Saldana and his buddies went downtown to watch fans celebrating.

“I used to live downtown for 10 years and if they won that night I wanted to be there for the celebration,” Saldana told the New York Daily News.

When Saldana posted the video on his Facebook page, it went viral and he was contacted by the man who fell, Rogelio Contreras, who subsequently told the New York Daily News that he suffered only a broken ankle from the mishap.

Sources: Guyism.com, New York Daily News, Facebook


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