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Sammy Watkins Makes Another Awesome Catch (Video)

The summer of Sammy Watkins continues.

Two weeks after wowing spectators by catching this pass that he had no business catching, Watkins is in the highlight reel again.

His latest eye-opening grab happened during Bills practice on Sunday. Watkins twisted his body and made a one-handed grab on an errant EJ Manuel pass that most NFL pass catchers laboring through a training camp practice would have let sail over their heads.

Here it is:

Manuel told reporters after practice that the catch was especially impressive since Watkins made it with his non-dominant hand.

"That one was kind of surprising because it was behind him and high," Manuel said. "He made a great catch with one hand, with his left hand."

Wide receiver is one of the hardest positions to produce at as a rookie in the NFL, but don’t be surprised if Watkins bucks that trend this season. Every report out of Bills camp so far says the former Clemson star consistently looks like one of the best  -- if not the best -- players on the field. 


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