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Samantha Steele and Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder Get Married

Christian Ponder is an NFL quarterback. Whenever an NFL quarterback gets involved with a well-known personality, regardless of what it is she does, his performance on the field immediately becomes ten times more scrutinized.

Because Ponder hasn’t performed up to expectations for most of the year, the blame for that was inevitably bound to be directed at least somewhat towards his sort of famous girlfriend.

For a lot of people, that blame could be extremely off-putting. If you’re a female who is not familiar with the sports world and the nutjobs that it houses, you might even be scared away by the crazy fans who blame you for their quarterback’s woes. (See: Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo) Fortunately for Ponder, his girlfriend, Samantha Steele, knew exactly what was in store for her because she’s an ESPN college football reporter.

Rather than buckle under the pressure of fan scrutiny, Steele and Ponder have embraced it. They’ve been open about their relationship. Ponder has joked about it on numerous occasions. And now, according to multiple reports, they’ve taken things to the next level. Via the Leader-Telegram:

Ponder, 24, and Steele, who turned 27 last week, were married by Court Commissioner Stephen Dunlap. According to county records, Steele listed an Arizona address, while Ponder listed his residence as Excelsior, Minn. It is the first marriage for both.

If Ponder underperforms over the next few weeks and the Vikings end up missing the postseason, it will be interesting to see how Vikings fans ultimately look back on this marriage. (Spoiler: it won't be favorably.)

(Kudos Leader-Telegram)

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