Sam Annable Hopes to Turn His Blue Dice into Super Bowl Tickets

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Can a person turn two blue dice into Super Bowl tickets? Peoria Chiefs sales account executive Sam Annable thinks so.

Well, scratch that – he hopes so.

In an effort to replicate the success that Kyle MacDonald -- the author of One Red Paperclip -- had, Annable will attempt to turn two little blue dice into tickets to the hottest sports show in America. MacDonald, you’ll recall, was the guy who took a big red paperclip and then made 14 trades up until he ended up with a home in Canada. He ultimately gave that home away – a gesture that Annable also plans to copy if he manages to succeed in his mission.  

How did Annable decide on dice as his starting item? It seems like it was more fate than anything else.

“I got to thinking about how dice represent chance, risk,” Annable said to the Journal Star. “And I thought about how these really sick children deal with odds, face risk every time they go through surgeries or treatments.

“I decided I wanted to dedicate a project to send one of them to the Super Bowl.”

One month in, he was able to peddle his dice to a man in Oregon who sent him an Alex Rodriguez rookie card. While that alone obviously wouldn’t have gotten him the Super Bowl tickets, there's no denying that the card was worth more than the dice. (It’s reportedly worth $100ish.) Which meant he had traded up.

Which meant he was heading in the right direction.

After that first trade, he then swapped the card for a baseball glove made for Ike Davis of the New York Mets

“It has Ike Davis’ name stitched in the glove, it’s brand new,” Annable said. “The company only made three or four of them, and this is one they didn’t ship to him, so it’s not game-used. But it’s worth at least $300-$400."

Another trade up.

“I’m waiting to see who wants it. Patience is the key thing, I’ve already discovered that much. But I believe in digital media as an approach to this project, and I think the message will get out there. It’s going to work.”

And what’s Annable going to do if/when he gets his tickets?

“I’d like to get together with Children’s Hospital or Make A Wish Foundation, identify who that kid is going to be,” Annable said. “I don’t have a recipient picked out yet.

“I feel fortunate to be in pro sports, be where I am at my age. Now I want to see what I can get done for someone else.”

According to ProFootballTalk, the average ticket price to the 2012 Super Bowl was something in the $2700 range. Presuming he wants at least two tickets, Annable is going to need to continue trading up until his items are valued at around $5400.

Can he do it? Absolutely.

Will he? We’ll found out in due time.


Annable's blog can be found at and his twitter account is @twobluedice.


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