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Salenko’s 1994 Golden Boot Can be Yours for $500,000

In 1994, Russian forward Oleg Salenko won the Golden Boot (tied actually) award for the World Cup, which goes to the player who scores the most goals in the tournament. Amazingly, Salenko won the award despite getting knocked out in the first round. We guess that’s what happens when you put home five in one game against Cameroon.

But we digress. It seems now that Salenko could be parting ways with the Golden Boot for some $500,000. Some Arab shiekhs made the offer and it’s probably too good to turn down.

“I had a small business but after the (global) crisis everything is down and I need to pay off some debts,” Salenko said to a newspaper we’ve never heard of.

“I’m not totally broke or anything like that so I have to sell everything, but the offer was hard to resist. I was told wealthy Arab sheikhs would take good care of the award by putting it in a local museum.

“Of course, I would prefer for the boot to stay in Russia or Ukraine, so if I get the same offer here I wouldn’t have to sell it abroad.”

We doubt anyone else would make this kind of offer, but good luck with that.


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