Sad Story: Allen Iverson (Maybe) Headed to Turkey

Well, on the bright side, at least Allen Iverson can get a basketball job somewhere.

But overall, this is a sad story of a once-great athlete desperately reaching for fading glory. Among the NBA elite for a good stretch of his pro career, Iverson is close to a one-year deal with Turkish team Besiktas worth upwards of $2 million dollars, according to a report by Yahoo Sports.

The team reportedly sent the contract to Iverson on Monday, hoping it could finalize the deal by the end of the week. A potential roadblock, however: The deal includes a clause that allows Besiktas to fine A.I. beyond one percent of his $1.5 million base salary. Sadly enough, Iverson's fierce opposition to such "potential fines for bad behavior" language within contracts speaks volumes on why he's no longer welcome in the NBA.

Iverson received better offers to play in China this year, the report noted. But The Answer decided he would prefer playing in Istanbul.

Besiktas is considered the third most powerful franchise in the Turkish first division (story just keeps getting sadder). It is scheduled to begin play this coming weekend.

The team reportedly has been having financial difficulties, and an Iverson draw is expected to generate more fanfare for the struggling franchise.

If Iverson signs this deal, it will be a sad ending to a sad summer-long saga. The player who once single-handedly led his team to the NBA Finals and is known as a warrior and fighter by all fans, may have officially been forced out of the best basketball league in the world before he was really ready to hang up his Reeboks.

Months ago we discussed what it was that made Iverson such a bad teammate, or so undesirable to NBA squads as a pick-up, and it appears that nothing has changed since that point...

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