Ryan Lochte’s Mom on Olympic Gold Medalist Son’s Dating Habits: “He Goes Out on One-Night Stands”

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It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to become a world-class athlete. We all know and understand this. Nobody can minimize what these folks do.

That said, everyone participating in this year's 2012 London Olympics is a world-class athlete.

In order to become a best-of-the-best, constant gold medal contender-type athlete that U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte is, though, you have to have a whole different level of devotion and commitment. You’re basically required to brush aside all of the basic, trivial things that regular folks consider important, and focus entirely on your craft.

Having a personal life, having a significant other and all of the other little pleasures that we mere mortals take for granted, the Ryan Lochtes of the world, they have to sacrifice that. And it’s a sacrifice that they’re willing to make in pursuit of the ultimate prize.

For the most part.

They do still have certain needs, though, and Lochte’s mom recently expounded on how her little boy quenches that special thirst that all guys have.

“He goes out on one-night stands,” she told TODAY.com.

That would do it.

“He’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.”

As funny as that sounds, it also makes a lot of sense. Not because Lochte is famous and can get a lot of...Rather, because it's all that his life really allows him to do. How can someone who dedicates his days to becoming the greatest swimmer in the world also have what it takes to dedicate himself to another human being?

The math just doesn’t work.

As great of lives as these guys all appear to have, it is worth noting that they also have to give up a lot.

A lot.

Lochte resorting to one-night stands does make for a humorous headline and will generate some laughs, but it also speaks to the loneliness that he and people of his ilk have to endure as they do what they do.

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