Ryan Leaf Arrested for 2nd Time in Less than a Week for Nearly Identical Crime


Former NFL first round draft pick, Ryan Leaf, was arrested on Monday morning for allegedly breaking into yet another home in Montana to steal drugs. This comes on the heels of him being booked for the same exact crime on Friday.

The details are sketchy at this point, but either way – wow.

As noted by the Associated Press:

Central Montana Drug Force Commander Chris Hickman says Leaf was arrested early Monday in Great Falls and is facing charges of burglary, theft and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He also is being detained on a probation violation.

Hickman says the new charges stem from a burglary on Saturday - the day after Leaf was arrested and charged with burglarizing an acquaintance's home for prescription painkillers.

Aside from last week’s arrest, Leaf also has a 2008 drug/robbery-related incident in his recent past. That one ended with him agreeing to a plea bargain after an investigation showed that he had gotten almost 1,000 pain pills from local pharmacies over an eight-month span. As part of the plea bargain, Leaf got 10 years of probation.

The Chargers’ biggest blunder ever hasn’t released a statement about this latest arrest yet, but seeing as it's basically the same crime as last week’s, his previous statement should theoretically suffice.

"I've made some mistakes, and have no excuses," a statement released by Leaf’s publicist last Friday read. "I am using the tools I've learned to move forward rather than backwards, and will be open to talking about the details in the days to come. I am confident that there will be further understanding when the facts are revealed, and feel very blessed for all of the support, especially from my friends and family."

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