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MMA Analysis: MFC 28 Recap and Analysis

Results from Maximum Fighting Championship 28: Supremacy

MFC Light Heavyweight Championship Main Event
Ryan Jimmo (14-1) TKO 3 Dwayne Lewis (13-7)
Time of TKO: 3:13 round three

Credit has to go to Jimmo for taking this fight in impressive fashion.  Sure, Lewis never stopped coming and was as game as any fighter in MMA but on this night Jimmo was simply better.  Jimmo used his unheralded striking to pick Lewis off from the outside.  In the third round a wicked swollen mass formed under the left eye of Lewis that was so grotesque that it prompted the referee to stop the fight on the advice of the ringside physician.

MFC Catch Weight (160 lbs) Fight
Drew Fickett (41-13) SUB RD 1 (Arm bar) Matt Veach (15-3)
Time of Submission: 0:36 round one

For a fighter who has led a less than Spartan lifestyle Fickett looked like great in submitting the tough Veach in mere seconds into the fight.  With Veach locked in his high guard, Fickett deftly clamped on an armbar that forced Veach to tap. 

MFC Lightweight Fight
Richie Whitson (11-1) SD 3 Curtis Demarce (10-8)
Scores: 29-28 (Whitson), 29-28 (Demarce), 29-28 (Whitson)

Despite working with the phenomenal wrestlers in Team Quest Richie Whitson elected to stand and bang with Demarce throughout the course of their fight.  The result was a great battle, one that Demarce seemed to take the lead in early on as he was able to open up a nasty cut on the left side of Whitson’s face that left his head covered in a crimson mask.  The second round saw more of the same but it was Whitson who seemed to be the fresher of the two fighters and was able to employ great success in walking down Demarce to land a number of hard shots.  But Demarce continued to fight back and his quick hands gave Whitson fits.  The action continued hard into the third round where both fighters gave it their all much to the delight of all who were witnessing this epic battle.   While Demarce may have come up short, he should take solace in the fact that the fight could have gone either way.

MFC Welterweight Fight
Sheldon Westcott (4-1-1) Draw Thomas Denny (27-18-1)
Scores: 28-28, 28-27 (Denny), 29-27 (Westcott)

Wow.  You want to talk about a grueling fight look no further than this bout.  While Westcott was the favorite heading into the fight, one can never count out Denny in any fight.  Sure, Westcott looked like a force to be reckoned with early on but try as he might he could not put Denny away.  Granted, it could be argued that Westcott would have had more success had he not punched himself out in the opening round, the fact remains that despite battling fatigue and an opponent that would not stop fighting, Westcott showed tremendous heart and poise in this contest.  Still, it was a close fight.  A fight that could have gone either way, though the argument could be made that Westcott did enough to get the win.


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