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Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kevin Kolb to Jaguars?

Blaine “Sunshine” Gabbert has a career completion percentage of 53.8 to go along with 26 turnovers in 25 games while throwing 21 TD.

Chad Henne has never had a season with more TD than INT.

Yet the Jaguars are remaining quiet in the QB market despite the fact that both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kevin Kolb are now available.

In fact, the biggest news coming out of Jacksonville is their proposed 52 million dollar jumbo-tron… really? You were 2-14 last year.

Now, am I saying that either Fitzpatrick or Kolb is the Jaguars answer at QB? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

What do the Jaguars have to lose though? Sign a one or two year deal. Make it incentive laden if you want. What is the risk?

First off, they can’t still believe Gabbert is the long-term answer. Which means it’s not like they would be risking his “maturation” by doing this, there is not much left to risk.

Secondly, if they want to draft a future quarterback this year, he will likely need a year or two to develop anyways. After all, this isn’t exactly the strongest draft class when it comes to the quarterback position. Why not bring in an experienced quarterback who can complete more than 53 percent while you are waiting for your future to be ready?

In the end, the Jaguars were so unsatisfied last year that they made a push for Tim Tebow, so how in the world are they not interested in two capable veterans as a short-term answer at this point?

Maybe they think “Sunshine” will just look better on the new jumbo-tron.

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