Ryan Bader vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: Round-by-Round Breakdown

Bader makes his way to the cage to a surprisingly listenable rock cover of "The Imperial March". Rampage does some fan service by walking out to the Pride theme, howling and donning his trademark camouflage/chain combo. Referee Leon Roberts will oversee the light heavyweight co-main event.

It's an intense staredown when Roberts calls them to the center.

Round 1: No glove touch, Jackson coming out aggressive. Bader working the outside, Jackson eggs him on. Bader tags him with a jab. Jackson actually looks for the takedown and Bader defends, turning him into the cage and looking for one himself. Jackson doing well to defend, but Bader is landing some offense in the form of knees to the thigh and occasional punches from the position. Jackson fights off of the cage and makes space. Jackson blocks a Superman punch. Bader just barely clips Jackson with a winging overhand right. Bader lands a nice counter left as Jackson sits down on a jab.

Bader dealing with Jackson well standing, moving well and landing without getting hit. Bader moves in behind an overhand right and bulls Jackson into the fence. Rampage gets in a nice elbow before making space and breaking off the cage. Bader shoots and Jackson defends, but Bader has him on the wall again working knees to the thigh. Jackson defends the takedown, but he's looking slow. Bader working the front headlock, he lands a knee before Jackson puts his hand on the mat. Jackson tries for the takedown and fails. Jackson cracks Bader with a hard left hook before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Bader

Round 2: Jackson swinging mean punches that Bader is rightfully wary of. Bader light on his feet, sticking and moving. Jackson ducks for a takedown off of a Superman punch attempt by Bader, but Bader defends. Rampage forces Bader into the wall. Bader throwing knees; he lifts one too high and Rampage picks him high up in the air before slamming him headfirst into the mat. Bader to his feet, but Jackson is all over him, putting him on his heels with a mean attack that sees him land a hard knee and solid body kick.

Bader gets a takedown and goes to work from half guard. He's working short, chopping shots to the boos of the Japanese crowd. Jackson throwing elbows from his back. Jackson working to his feet, breathing heavy. Bader turns the corner on him though and puts him on his back again. Jackson trying hard to get to his feet. Bader kneeing him to the legs as Rampage attempts to stand. Jackson gets up, but Bader takes him for a big ride and puts him right back down, taking his back briefly. Jackson gets in a right hand as he tries to stand before Bader puts him down again.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Bader

Round 3: Jackson moving forward, swinging hard and keeping Bader on the outside. Bader closes the gap and presses Rampage into the fence. Jackson breaks free, but Bader tags him with a left on the break. Rampage stuffs a takedown. Bader drives into a clean power double, landing right in side control. Just under three and a half minutes left in the fight. Bader working knees to the body. Rampage recovers full guard; Jackson kicks him off, but Bader dives right back on him.

Jackson stands, but Bader is staying on him and he drags him back down. Jackson punching when he can, but Bader is going to grind him out, as he feared -- he puts him back on the mat. Bader holding half guard, landing arm punches. Forty seconds to go and Bader goes for a kimura, but Jackson defends. Ten seconds to go. Jackson tries to explode out but he ends up in a guillotine. He lasts until the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Bader

Ryan Bader defeated Quinton "Rampage" Jackson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 144. To access our full coverage, click here.

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