Ryan Bader vs. Lyoto Machida: An Interesting History

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Ryan Bader was asked a question during Thursday's pre-fight press conference for UFC on Fox: Shogun Vs. Vera that got an interesting answer. It seems that during his time on The Ultimate Fighter, Bader was placed in a demonstration with his opponent Saturday night, Lyoto Machida.

"Lyoto was demonstrating a move, he checked a kick, came under and swept my leg, knocking me on my back," Bader said. "I was a little upset because I had a fight in just a few weeks. So, he had me do it again, and I thought there was no way he'll sweep me again. But, again, he sweeps me to my back; it was all in fun."

Bader went on to win the season title of TUF. Machida, from his own knowledge said he didn't remember the incident but did see a shining star in Bader during the show.

"First time I saw Ryan Bader I thought he was a great athlete, worked very hard and trained very serious there," Machida said. "I believed (he could be a top contender)."

Bader and Machida will each have an opportunity to secure a future UFC light heavyweight title shot by earning a convincing victory over the other Saturday night.

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