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Watch What This Russian Girl Did To An American Girl (Video)

Hockey violence is normal, even expected, between male players, but a Russian female player recently demonstrated she could dish it out too.

During the 2014 World Selects Invitational hockey tournament last week, Svetlana Starovoytova, who plays for Russia's Spartak team, smashed Hannah Bates, of the U.S. West Coast Selects team, in the head twice with her hockey stick, noted Yahoo! Sports.

A video (below) of the incident begins right after the first blow to Bates' head. Bates is seen down on one knee when Starovoytova skates up and hits her a second time with a hockey stick, which broke.

According to, Bates was not seriously injured by the double slashing at the rink in Budapest, Hungary.

Bates later tweeted, "Shoutout to Warrior for making Russian-proof helmets that saved me from a concussion."

Starovoytova, who is 16 years old, was ejected from the game, but did return two days later for a rematch. The West Coast Selects won the second game and the U16 Girls division title for the third year in a row.

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