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Russian Soccer Player Hit By Lit Flare During Game (Video)

Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev was hit by a flare during a soccer game between Russia and Montenegro today.

After being struck by the flare (video below), Akinfeev was knocked unconscious. The match was suspended for about 35 minutes, noted

Akinfeev was taken to a local hospital in Podgorica, Montenegro, with a neck injury and minor burns, but no major injuries.

The fan who threw the flare was reportedly arrested by police.

The crowd was warned by a stadium announcer that the game would be called off if another incident happened.

The match, a qualifier for the European Championship, was stopped for a second and final time at the 67-minute mark after another Russian player was hit by a thrown object.

"I apologize to the Russian players and staff for everything that's happened. It is no surprise that the game was abandoned after the second incident," Montenegro coach Branko Brnovic told the government-owned TV network RTCG, reports the Daily Mail.

'My players are completely distraught, all of them are at a loss for words and I also don't know what to say after all this," Brnovic added. "We now don't stand a chance [of qualifying] and also face a lengthy crowd ban."

Sources:, Daily Mail
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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