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Russell Wilson Is Just The Third-Highest Paid Quarterback On Seattle's Roster

Life isn’t fair, and you need look no further than the Seattle Seahawks' payroll to prove it.

Super Bowl winning quarterback and emerging star Russell Wilson is just the third highest paid quarterback on the Seahawk’s roster. You read that right. Backups Tarvaris Jackson and newly-signed Terrelle Pryor will both make more money next season than the face of the Seahawks’ franchise.

Jackson, expected to compete with Pryor to be Wilson’s backup, will make $1,250,000 next year. Pryor will make $705,000, and Wilson, the man who led Seattle to their first NFL championship, will pull in just $662,434.

The Seahawks aren’t to blame for Wilson’s underwhelming salary. The NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement states that rookie contracts cannot be restructured until after a player’s third season. Wilson, a third round draft pick in 2012, is entering his third year in the league and won’t be eligible for a pay bump until after the season.

Once the season is over, you better believe the Seahawks will make this little financial quirk a thing of the past. Wilson is about to get paid, and he deserves it. 


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