JaMarcus Russell Still Doesn't Get It

Regular readers of this site know that we love to have fun with former Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell. We can’t hate on him for getting $31+ million guaranteed after being the No. 1-overall pick in the NFL Draft in 2007. That’s the NFL’s stupid system and has nothing to do with him.

But, we can fault him for having a terrible approach to his job, alienating teammates and getting caught with sizzurp. It’s generally accepted that the downfall of JaMarcus was his laziness and poor attitude. And before acknowledging that he doesn’t know what he could have done differently, he says he knows he could have done some things differently.

“Now looking back on it, I could have went about certain things different,” Russell said in an interview with Josina Anderson on Inside the NFL.

He was then asked what those types of things were.

“I’m not sure,” Russell said. “I don’t know where it went wrong. But for the things that did go wrong, I take full blame for whatever was my fault and the things that did happen. Being drafted number one, there’s so much that they want you to do at the snap of a finger. It didn’t happen that way, which brings us to today.”

Uh huh. JaMarcus is a classic case of an athlete that succeeded on lower levels of competition purely on his athleticism. But, when it was time to have to actually put in work and study the game, he just fell miserably short. And he doesn’t really know why.


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