Running Up the Score in Sports: Bush League or Not?


Much ballyhoo has been made over the past week about teams running up the score, especially in light of Wisconsin hanging 83 on Indiana, and Chiefs’ coach Todd Haley pitching a fit after getting lit up the Broncos. So what is the etiquette when a team gets up big? Fold up shop, or run your offense?

While some find any pass play when a team is already up by 40 insulting, just as many probably feel disrespected when a team starts taking a knee with a whole left in the game.

At the pro level, who is going to disagree that there should be no mercy? If you are a grown man getting paid a handsome salary, sorry about your luck if you can’t stop someone. Instead of pointing your finger in Josh McDaniels’ face, try and figure out a way to stop Kyle Orton. Try not to snicker when thinking of Haley begging the hall-of-fame bound Orton to call off the dogs in a divisional contest.

In college, the plot thickens a little bit. If you are one of the top dogs, and you pay some cupcake six figures to come into your stadium and take an ass whipping, running it up is pretty lame. Not sure how much you are proving by putting up 70 in an early season game against Bethune Cookman.

It gets a little more dicey when teams get later into the season, however, and they are playing with the evil BCS in mind. Wisconsin is jostling for a BCS bid, and can use all the help they can get. If a team in their own conference can’t make them punt even once, should they run the QB kneel for the final quarter in an attempt to “show some class?”

I’m not sure it shows that much class, and it’s not smart a move in their quest to obtain their lifelong goal of playing on college football’s biggest stage. If you really want to blame it on something or someone, let’s point the finger, like always, at the BCS.

What do you all think? Sleazy ploy by coaches to make their dongs feel bigger, or just part of the game? Place comments below!

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