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"Run For Your Lives" Toughest 5K Ever: You've Got to Avoid Zombies!

It seems like zombies move really slowly in the movies, but what about real life? There are no zombies in real life, you say? Well, there are in Baltimore.

There is a 5K race in that city set for October 22 called "Run For Your Lives" that will have participants running through an obstacle course in the forest. Those obstacles include zombies.

The website Mother Nature Network has the rules:

Participants receive flag belts that represent health. The zombies' goal is to grab all of those flags, effectively killing your entry in the race (and turning you into one of the undead). Just like a video game, additional health flags will be scattered throughout the course. Runners can choose to avoid one of the 12 man-made and natural obstacles, but missing even one will make them ineligible for prizes. The ultimate goal is to make it to the finish line (which has its own zombie challenge) with at least one health flag remaining.

Check out a video promo:


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