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Olympic Gold Medalist Now Weighs 474 pounds, Goes on "Biggest Loser"

After feeling on top of the world after defeating Russian wrestler Alexander Karelin at the 2000 Olympics winning the gold medal, Rulon Gardner is now facing his hardest challenge to date - losing the weight he gained through the years post his gold medal win.

"Biggest Loser is harder than the Olympics," Rulon, 39, tells Life & Style. "The thing that makes it so challenging is that I had all this extra weight that I had gained. Jumping back into a very intensive workout routine for six to eight hours a day is one of the most grueling things I've ever had to do because my mind was there, but my body wasn't."

Rulon started the Biggest Loser challenge weighing in at 474 pounds on Jan. 4. We'll see how far his journey goes as the season progresses.

"I haven't worked out in six years, so I'm paying the price right now," he says. "The issues like diabetes, heart conditions, sleep apnea and all that other stuff make you realize that you have to act now in order to save your life."


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