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Rugby Player Hit So Hard He Doesn’t Remember Game (Video)

Mark Richards was knocked unconscious during a Super Rugby match between the Emirates Lions and the Cell C Sharks last Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Richards, who plays for the Lions, was plowed down by Sharks player Willem Alberts, whom Richards tried to tackle (video below).

Alberts' forearm collided with Richards’ head.

Richards was placed on a medical board and his head was braced before he was driven off the field.

Lions spokesperson Tarryn Steenekamp stated after the match, "Mark is fine, he has a slight concussion, but he doesn’t remember anything of the game," noted The Citizen.

Richards was seen sitting on the sidelines and walking after undergoing a concussion test.

The Lions won the game 23-21. Alberts was not penalized.

Sport 24 reporter Herman Mostert noted, "Alberts cannot be blamed, but his failure to express concern for his opponent directly afterwards was noted by this writer..."

Sources: The Citizen, Sport 24
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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