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Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione: Complete Fight Highlights

At a certain point people are going to have to stop judging Roy Nelson based off his physique. Mixed martial arts fighters of all shapes and sizes have proven on numerous occasions that what they do is based on a myriad of factors not related to physical appearance, and yet, folks are still surprised when a guy like Nelson drops a much more sculpted foe with relative ease.

Nelson’s victory over Matt Mitrione on Saturday night was obviously impressive, but it is worth remembering that Mitrione took this thing on short notice. Prior to getting dropped he showcased some new skills that we hadn’t previously seen from him, and given how little experience (relatively speaking) he has within the octagon, there is no reason to think that he won’t bounce back strong from this thing.

Check out the highlights from Nelson versus Mitrione in the video below.

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