Roy Nelson: "Mine and Dana White's Relationship is Like We're a Husband and Wife"

Roy Nelson (17-7) and Dana White continue to have an interesting relationship. Recently on The MMA Hour Nelson referred to his relationship with White as that of a married couple and felt White should be labeled the woman.

"You just got remember that mine and Dana White's relationship is like were a husband and wife," said Nelson. "I do the man's stuff around the house. I do the fighting, all the man's stuff and he does all the woman stuff — all the yapping."

Nelson is currently opposite of Shane Carwin (12-2) on The Ultimate Fighter. The two are expected to fight when the finale of the season airs on December 15.

"It's one of those relationships were there's love and hate," said Nelson. "We're in one of those things like a speed bump. I don't know if we need a separation from one another. I think The Ultimate Fighter was our separation … but now we're back together and holding hands and all that stuff."

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