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Roy Nelson Has Some Words for Shane Carwin

Roy Nelson is not backing down from calling out Shane Carwin. The two are set to begin coaching on The Ultimate Fighter soon, with a meeting between the heavyweights planned for later in the year.

Nelson called out Carwin a number of times via Twitter on Thursday. Below are a sampling of the messages Nelson sent to Carwin:

"Why wait tell December we can see if we can get on (UFC 151). Is this enough time to cycle off?"

"When are you in town? We can spar/fight before TUF and put it on the net and make all the PPV money! you down?"

"Try 2 think out side the box like (BJ Penn) but I am sure I wont B able 2 bring margaret goodman on either Any suggestions?"

Nelson also made a reference to bringing in former Olympian and current TNA wrestling star Kurt Angle, but he later said that wouldn't be possible. With the kind of trash-talk already going between Nelson and Carwin, this is shaping up to be an exciting season.

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