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Roy Nelson Has Some Words for Shane Carwin

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Roy Nelson is not backing down from calling out Shane Carwin. The two are set to begin coaching on The Ultimate Fighter soon, with a meeting between the heavyweights planned for later in the year.

Nelson called out Carwin a number of times via Twitter on Thursday. Below are a sampling of the messages Nelson sent to Carwin:

"Why wait tell December we can see if we can get on (UFC 151). Is this enough time to cycle off?"

"When are you in town? We can spar/fight before TUF and put it on the net and make all the PPV money! you down?"

"Try 2 think out side the box like (BJ Penn) but I am sure I wont B able 2 bring margaret goodman on either Any suggestions?"

Nelson also made a reference to bringing in former Olympian and current TNA wrestling star Kurt Angle, but he later said that wouldn't be possible. With the kind of trash-talk already going between Nelson and Carwin, this is shaping up to be an exciting season.

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